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Title: Teams
Rating: G
Fandom: Band Yarouze!
Character(s): Everyone, all of them, mostly
Summary: Organized team events at live house Eden are never, ever good ideas.
Warning(s): Bad humor, as in, this is crack fic

“I would love to be on the same team as Yukiho.”

“H-hey, you’re a guitarist and guitarists have to stick together right, Shelly, Sousuke!?”

“I didn’t even sign up for this.”

“I don’t even quite know why we’re doing this...but, it seems like fun.”

“Y-Yukiho, I’ll try to go easy--hRK!”

“Buckle down, let’s get started already! Besides, we gotta beat the vocalists. They’re the true terrors here.”

And by ‘here,’ Sousuke means the small event that livehouse Eden set up, dedicated to band bonding and most importantly let people watch their favorite bands go against each other in rather ridiculou games similar to a variety show. What Master conveniently left out is that, somehow, behind everyone’s back, Yamato and Asahi got together to convince that the event should be held with position versus position.

Guitarist versus Vocalist to see who, exactly, is the main lure.

Drummer versus Bassist to see who truly kept the backbeat going.

Master versus a bunch of young punks and assholes who don’t quite know proper socialization to see how much money he can rake in before they mutinied.

Fun stuff.

But the true tyrants lay in, believe it or not, the vocalists. The group of rather excited (and not so excited if one counts Kyo) singers who at some point got together, became friends, exchanged phone numbers--

You’re going down, Tsubasa! Miley and I are gonna win this for sure!

Don’t forget Kyo-kun and I are a winning combination, too!

Yamato, there’s still many things I need to get back at you for! Yoshimune, don’t mess up--

Kurusu-san, please leave everything to me. I’ll be sure to not go easy on your fellow band mate.

--and were currently getting ready to wipe the floor with the bassists in some rather deranged game of dodgeball or lord knows what. Miko made up most of the events, Sousuke wasn’t going to question them. The vocalists also currently ranked top as the team with the most wins, drummers second because they were all stupidly strong, and bassists tied with guitarists for last. Vocalists only ranked top thanks to a turn around table tennis match that involved Yamato, Kyo, Teppei, and Misato, and a ball gone so awry that Yamato physically lifted Kyo up for so the other could get it.

It was legit sports manga bullshit, Sousuke didn’t even know any other way to think about it.

Not to mention he couldn’t stand most of his team, what with Shelly using him as a convenient armrest, Ray’s exuberance that almost matched Yamato’s to a perfectly annoying “T”, and Kazuma got love drunk the moment he saw Yukiho.

You can do it, Yukiho!” Kazuma is also getting way too into it, so there’s that, too.

“I’m gonna punch him,” Sousuke mutters, only to yelp when Shelly pinches his cheek and pulls. “Watch it--hey--!”

Alright, take that Tsubasa! Win for Yamato and Miley!

Hurray! Hurray, Yamato-sempai!

I-I can’t--Yoshimuuuneee, this isn’t fair, right? We were charmed by how cute Miley was, right? This really can’t be--

Absolutely right, Tsubasa-san!

“No fighting,” Shelly says as they get up to start their turn, the bassists having been thoroughly defeated. “We want to win at least once, right?”


He still has to get back at Yamato for last week’s stunt...and to pull up the guitarists’ abyssmal win count.


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