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Title:  Injuries
Rating:  G
Fandom:  Band Yarouze
Character(s):  Shinonome Yamato, Takara Kyo
Summary:  An angel and his knight in a moment of peace, contemplating the future.  Angel and Knight AU.
Warning(s):  None

“Raphael doesn’t like me,” Yamato laughs.  “I did my best to be polite and everything!”  Kyo doesn’t say much, just continues to tend to the injuries on Yamato’s torso and try not to think that it was his adopted father that did all of this.  Raphael had always been protective, Kyo knew that, but he didn’t know to this extent.


Yamato hums, “Maybe he’s afraid?  You said once that you and the others were his only family.”


Kyo wouldn’t say that much, either.  The last time they had any interactions with humans, past what they needed to do, it had a not so nice way.  Makoto had almost left, rebelling against Raphael so fiercely that the rest of them feared that everything would splinter apart.  Angels are rare and few, and the powers of Adam’s priests’ were a pale imitation to the actual power that they held.


Raphael did not want them gone.


Raphael, Kyo remembers, does not want to be alone.  He had spent far too long being alone, with barely any other angels around, to let them go again.


“You really don’t want to leave him, huh?” Yamato says, startling Kyo.  He looks at Yamato, expecting to see hurt in his eyes.  Instead, he only sees understanding.


“...I don’t,” Kyo admits.  


Yamato laughs, leaning in to knock his forehead gently against Kyo’s, “That’s okay.  If it makes you happy.”


Being with you makes me happy, Kyo wants to say.  The words don’t come out of his throat, however.  They get stuck, lodged by fear and uncertainty.  Rarely has he felt these, and he wonders if Makoto felt the same way the first time he had to leave Tsubasa.


But Yamato smiles, hand reaching out to grasp Kyo’s, fingers tangling together.


“Thank you,” Yamato says.  “Can I protect you just a little bit longer?”


Kyo answers by pressing his lips delicately against Yamato’s.



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