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Title:  Blush
Rating:  G
Fandom:  Band Yarouze
Character(s):  Shinonome Yamato, Takara Kyo
Summary: The prettiest shade of pink.
Warning(s):  None

Kyo flushes a pretty shade of pink--it covers the back of his neck and creeps up to tickle at the shells of his ears.  It’s pleasant, a soft shade that tinges pale skin, and it always makes Yamato want to kiss his nape.

“Cute,” he mumbles, fingers idly tracing a line up Kyo’s spine.  “Really cute.”

“ always say that,” Kyo mumbles in response.  He’s blushing, brows furrowed, mouth twisted, and Yamato laughs.  He does always say that, and he can’t help it when it’s true.  

“Then you’re beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, amazing, stu--mmph!”

Kyo’s palm covers Yamato’s mouth, his head bowed and his ears red.  Yamato’s eyes crinkle in mirth, his grin getting wider.  There’s so much more he can add on, so much more he can say, but for now he’ll settle with staying quiet.  

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Title:  Injuries
Rating:  G
Fandom:  Band Yarouze
Character(s):  Shinonome Yamato, Takara Kyo
Summary:  An angel and his knight in a moment of peace, contemplating the future.  Angel and Knight AU.
Warning(s):  None

Let me protect you just a bit longer )
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Title:  100%
Rating:  G
Fandom:  Ensemble Stars, Band Yarouze
Character(s):  Morisawa Chiaki, Shinonome Yamato
Summary:  They're half-brothers, but that doesn't lessen their bond at all.  AU where Chiaki and Yamato are brothers with same mother, different dads--have you seen them?? Honestly I 100% screwed myself over with this.
Warning(s):  sad???

Yamato called Chiaki 'Aniki' once and Chiaki cried )

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Title: Teams
Rating: G
Fandom: Band Yarouze!
Character(s): Everyone, all of them, mostly
Summary: Organized team events at live house Eden are never, ever good ideas.
Warning(s): Bad humor, as in, this is crack fic

Yukiho, Yukiho, I'll be on your team!! )


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