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Title: Drabble Collection #1
Rating: G
Fandom: Granblue Fantasy
Character(s): Vane, Eustace, Lancelot, Lunalu, Korwa, Vyrn
Summary: Vane and dealing with Siegfried's two biggest fans/ Eustace, Vane, and ear petting/ Lunalu and trying to find her...less than work appropriate sketches
Warning(s): None

“I’m going to need you to remove your coat. We don’t need any accidents happening while I’m training you.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Okay, Siegfried!”


Vane’s hands clamp down on both Gran and Lancelot’s shoulders, an exasperated look on his face. Siegfried was in the middle of teaching Lecia, by her request, and as all things tend to go when Siegfried is involved that meant Lancelot and Gran had come up on deck to watch. Which also meant that sometimes--most of the times, if you asked Vane--Lancelot and Gran got far too into it, too.

They weren’t even the ones being taught.

“Lancey, Captain,” Vane says, “I don’t think you guys need to remove clothes to spectate.”

At first, when Percival had mentioned it over dinner, Vane had thought he had been exaggerating. Lancey? Captain? So head over heels for Siegfried they tend to lose focus of where they are when it’s not in the thick of battle? Vane had laughed and told Percival he had been full of it.

Absolutely full of it, come on Percy, you’re just jealous!

Vane had been sorely mistaken. Ever since, he had been observing and he caught a few things here and there sure, but--


“Ah, sorry, Vane,” at least Lancelot looks apologetic. Gran just looks pouty as he pulls his shirt back down.

“It’s okay! Just...Lancey, between you and me...keep it in the bedroom, and also…”

Vane closes his eyes, remembering everything he had heard when passing by Gran’s room last night.

“ might want to keep it down, a bit...yeah.”

Lancelot’s embarrassed cry is drowned out by the sound of Lecia’s sword clashing with Siegfried’s, and Vane didn’t stay around long enough to see how Gran had reacted.


“Can I pet them?”





Vane had successfully found Eustace again after the last ear petting incident, and had not let him leave his sight ever since. Well, Vane lost him like...once or twice. Once, when Beatrix had approached and Vane had been called over to help with moving some cargo, and then again when Vane got roped in an arm wrestling contest with Laguna of all people. But now he found him again, and Vane isn’t letting him go without getting to pet Eustace’s ears--again.

They had been so fluffy, and so soft, and Vane had wanted to pet them again.

“Please, come ooon?” Vane puts his best pout on, staring at Eustace with watery eyes and body posture screaming “dejected.”

Eustace is silent, looking at Vane with an almost contemplative expression. Eustace finally going to say--

“,” is all Eustace mumbles.

Vane blinks, “Eh?”

And then Eustace is running his hand through Vane’s hair, an almost peaceful expression replacing the one he wore earlier. Vane stands there, confused, as Eustace continues him...instead.

“...Eustace? This is...uhm…”

“It’s like petting a dog, it’s relaxing,” Eustace says.

“I...okay? I’m not a dog, but--”

Vane can’t say anything else. Eustace had gone to using both of his hands, now, and Vane was starting to melt underneath each stroke of his hand. Well, he wanted to pet Eustace’s ears but this can work out, too, he guesses.


“W-who found them! Who found my sketches!?” Lunalu’s cries echo throughout the Grandcypher, startling everyone as they look up from their tasks. Said Harvin is storming through the lower decks, looking at people and trying to figure out who had picked up the sketches she had...accidentally left up top while on her down time.

“W-woah, what are you talking about?” Vyrn asks, seeing her rampage as a chance to finally escape the clutches of “Club Vyrn” (headed by an enthusiastic Will who definitely does not want to cuddle Vyrn).

“Earlier today I was out on the deck, minding my own business, when I had to leave and I left them!” Lunalu cries. “Ahhh, the scene was so beautiful, too, what with Sirs Siegfried and Lancelot standing there on the deck, talking, reminiscing about old times that I’m sure would have led to--ah, it doesn’t matter, where are they!

“Hey, calm down, let’s go ask Gran or Djeeta and see--”

“Ah, Lunalu, these were yours?” and there’s Korwa, standing there with Lunalu’s sketches.

Ahh, there they are!

It’s in two seconds flat that Lunalu snatches the sketches from Korwa, holding them close.

“You didn’t see much, right, please--”

“Well, I saw enough to notice that you see it, too!”


Vyrn blinks. Lunalu starts sparkling.

“The gentlest, the respect, how they talk as if there’s something between them that they can’t say!” Lunalu cries.

Korwa grasps her hands, her own eyes shining, “Yes! For them, there are a million words unsaid and we will help them say it! Everyone deserves their chances at a happy ending! Especially tired warriors such as themselves!”

“Then, Miss Korwa, together we shall make it happen!”

Vyrn just floats there, unsure of what it is he’s hearing, exactly, but having the gut feeling that he perhaps should warn Siegfried and Lancelot about the storm to come.

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