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Title: Teams
Rating: G
Fandom: Band Yarouze!
Character(s): Everyone, all of them, mostly
Summary: Organized team events at live house Eden are never, ever good ideas.
Warning(s): Bad humor, as in, this is crack fic

Yukiho, Yukiho, I'll be on your team!! )
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Title: Drabble Collection #1
Rating: G
Fandom: Granblue Fantasy
Character(s): Vane, Eustace, Lancelot, Lunalu, Korwa, Vyrn
Summary: Vane and dealing with Siegfried's two biggest fans/ Eustace, Vane, and ear petting/ Lunalu and trying to find her...less than work appropriate sketches
Warning(s): None

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Title:  Sticky Morning
Rating:  E
Fandom:  Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
Character(s):  Sakurada Hiromu, Iwasaki Ryuuji
Summary:  Hiromu wakes up horny, hot, and sweaty.  This needs to be rectified. JGV AU
Warning(s):  PWP, straight up

and the cat wants to play )
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Title:  Gentlest Touch
Rating:  G
Fandom:  Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger
Character(s):  Mondo Misao, Kazakiri Yamato
Summary:  Misao, Yamato, and Misao's want for comfort when it all becomes too much.
Warning(s):  None

i just need to be held once in comfort )


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Title:  Affection
Rating:  K+
Fandom:  Kamen Rider Ghost
Character(s):  Tenkuuji Takeru, Fukami Makoto
Summary:  Post second Necrom fight, Takeru and Makoto and wanting to show they care.
Warning(s):  Wound licking

He heals with more than words )
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Title:  Burning
Rating:  M
Characters:  Tenkuuji Takeru, Fukami Makoto
Summary:  Takeru and Makoto and a sense of urgency.
Warning(s):  None

And he sings hymnals with his kiss )
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Title: It's okay
Rating: M
Characters:  Yuuto, Kisaki Taka (OC)
Summary:  Comfort
Warning(s): none

Comfort in skin )
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Title:  Things you DIDN'T need to know
Rating:  T for Teen
Characters:  Hiiragi Yuzu, Koutsu Masumi, Sakaki Yuuya, Sawatari Shingo
Summary:  He's like my pure, innocent little brother, like, he shouldn't be doing these things I shouldn't know he's doing these things!  AKA Yuzu might actually be the brocon
Warning(s):  Bad Jokes, maybe I should change this journal to bad jokes and monster boys


Akaba Reiji has some weird turn ons tho just saying )
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Title:  Orange Juicing
Rating:  T for Teen
Characters:  Kumon Kaito, Kazuraba Kouta
Summary:  Kaito doesn't even know why he bother anymore.  Not monster boys.
Warning(s):  Misuse of fruit

Is this humanly possible though? )


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