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Title: It's okay
Rating: M
Characters:  Yuuto, Kisaki Taka (OC)
Summary:  Comfort
Warning(s): none

Kisaki is nothing like Shun, Yuuto thinks as he wipes away the tears with his thumb and swallows the half mumbled pleas for “Rin” and “Yuugo” with his mouth.

Kisaki is nothing like Shun, but he grabs on to Yuuto, twists his hands into his shirt, and it’s for the same thing isn’t it?  That technically they’re both looking and searching and are in need of comfort.  Yuuto doesn’t mind, he doesn’t mind that Kisaki needs the hugs and the touches and the kisses.  It’s only natural to want comfort.


Yuuto kneels over Kisaki, kissing away the aches and the pains, fingers undoing the zip of the riding suit Kisaki wears until he can press his hands against warmed skin.  He keeps pressing and pushing, making Kisaki writhe and moan and those fingers in his clothes to twist and tighten until he feels the white knuckled grip against his back.

“It’s okay,” Yuuto murmurs, keeps whispering as he pulls out Kisaki’s cock, hands stroking at it, until Kisaki is a quivering, trembling mess.  “It’s okay.”  

And Kisaki’s own hands move, undoing the fly to Yuuto’s pants and reaching in, pressing against Yuuto’s confined dick and urging him to grind against his palm.  

It’s okay, it’s okay--

A mantra repeated between the two of them until they come, sweaty and shaky and breathless but the tears have stopped.

The tears have stopped.

“Thank you, I’m sorry I--” and Kisaki is red faced, pale green eyes covered by the gold of his bangs and fingers fidgety.

“It’s fine,” Yuuto tells him.

Kisaki is nothing like Shun.

That’s okay.
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