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Title:  To Find
Rating:  G
 Fire Emblem
Character(s):  Lyn, Eliwood, Hector
Summary:  Eliwood broods, and Lyn and Hector reassure.
Warning(s):  spoilers for FE7 endgame

It has, perhaps, been ages since Eliwood has been like this.  Quiet, morose, thinking of the what could have beens and the what should have beens, while he stares out--away, away, away.  The last time he had been like this, Lyn remembers, had been when he struck down Ninian.  Now, she can’t quite figure out what prompted it.


If Hector were here, surely, he’d know.  The two had always been close (closer, closer, pulling Lyn so easily into their fold she didn’t even have time to realize until it had been too late), and Lyn is still not an Eliwood expert though she has an inkling of what may be the problem.  Regardless, she approaches Eliwood.  She sits herself down next to him, arms coming to wrap around his shoulders.


Eliwood leans easily into her touch.


“It’s done, now,” she says.  “I, too, wish they could have stayed.”


“...there must be a way,” Eliwood whispers.  “To see them again.”


Lyn wonders if, in another time, it would be Ninian who Eliwood takes, her hand in his.  Despite the bitter curl of jealousy that rises in her chest (which she stamps down viciously, relentlessly) she thinks that they would have been good for each other, that Ninian would look good in the whites and blues of a Pherae wedding dress.


“We will find it, one day,” Hector’s bellowing voice startles the both of them, his broad arms scooping them both against his chest.  Eliwood is quick to seek comfort, cheek pressed flush to the rough fabric of Hector’s tunic.  It takes Lyn a bit to adjust, but she settles down just the same.


“One day,” Eliwood’s words are muffled, “I hope that is soon.”


“It will be,” Hector’s voice is full of promise.  


Lyn can’t help the grin, “We will be sure of it.”


(Roy and Lilina stare in awe at the pretty haired woman who graces the presence of Castle Ostia, their small hands dipping into the sea and staring in wonder at ruby eyes.  “You are so much like them,” she whispers, her own hands covering theirs, “and I am so thankful to everything your parents have done for me.”)

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