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Title:  Surprise
Rating:  G
Fandom:  Ensemble Stars
Character(s):  Akehoshi Subaru, Anzu, Sengoku Shinobu
Summary:  Living weapons AU.  Subaru tries to swallow his nerves, because Anzu is Anzu and he wants to kiss her.  Shinobu thinks something entirely different.
Warning(s):  None

Subaru is nervous.

He doesn’t need to be nervous, but he is, and Anzu is still sitting across from him waiting for him to say whatever it is he needs to say.  She’s probably expecting the usual, like how he wants to do this or how she should do that.  It’s not...exactly what he wants to do, and it’s something he’s been thinking about for a while.

A long while, maybe.  At least long in human years--for a weapon such as himself it is simply a mere blink.

“Close your eyes,” he finally says.

“...Subaru, this isn’t a prank, is it?” Anzu’s eyes are narrowed, and with good reason.  

“N-not this time!  It’s like...a surprise present!” when her eyes narrow further he flails his hands.  “The good kind, Anzu-chan!  Trust me, trust me!”

“The last time you told me that, you made father mad.”

Subaru remembers that.  He remembers that the man had threatened to store his spear in a damp cave and let it rust, and that he’d personally reforge him into a hammer, but nothing had come from those threats.  This time, though--

“It won’t be like that,” Subaru says.  He holds up his hands, “Look, no fingers crossed.”

Predictably, Anzu looks down at his bare feet.

“Toes aren’t, either.”

“...okay.  But I won’t hesitate turning that unwieldy spear of yours into a hammer!”

Like father, like daughter, Subaru thinks.  His nervousness spikes up tenfold when Anzu closes her eyes, hands clasped in her lap, and an expectant look on her face.  He had thought about this for a while, and his eyes dart down to her lips.  Usually he takes, he puts on a pout and a grin and uses what he has to get what he needs.  A weapon as old as him, it’s some of the tricks he just picked up--humans can be kind of easy like that.

Anzu is different.  She’s different and Subaru has acknowledged that.

He swallows, leaning in as close as he can.

“Subaru?” Anzu sounds impatient, her eyes flickering open.  He quickly covers her eyes, panic thrumming through his body.  He’s a weapon, but he almost feels like he’s sweating, as if he had been the one bent over the forges working day in and day out and not Anzu.

“It’s a surprise, Anzu-chan!” he says.  “Come ooon!”

“You’re taking too long--”

“I won’t, I won’t, okay!”

Here it goes.  Subaru finally moves in those last few inches, lips about to--

“S-Subaru, what are you doing to Anzu-dono!” only to be tackled to the ground by a very flustered, very upset Shinobu.

“N-nothing--I mean--I was going to kiss--”



“No, not that, I--” it takes absolutely no effort for Subaru to get up, Shinobu under one arm.  “--I will be right back.  We will both be right back.”


And Subaru storms out of the room, Shinobu under his arm, and Anzu looking on in bewilderment.

“What is a kiss?  Is that some human thing to do?” Shinobu asks.

“...yeah, kind of, but I definitely wasn’t trying to do anything and--why are you even here I thought you’d be shadowing her father for the day?” Subaru finally stops when they’re a good ways away from Anzu’s room, dropping Shinobu to the ground.

“I was!” Shinobu says.  “But her esteemed father wanted me to come and get her!  Someone had specifically requested Anzu-dono’s services!”


Shinobu is nodding, eyes sparkling as he says his next few words, “It is a request from someone in the Sakasaki family for her to restore!”

Subaru feels his body go cold.


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