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Title: Naked
Rating: M
Characters:  Heart, Tomari Shinnosuke
Summary:  Intimacy through showing everything you are
Warning(s): gore, 

And everything that can be )
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Title: Heat
Rating:  T for Teen
Characters:  Tomari Shinnosuke, Heart
Summary:  Heart gets touchy feely
Warning(s):  none!

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Title:  Twitter Drabble Dump 1
Rating:  K+
Characters:  Ensemble
Summary:  (Arc V Band AU) Shun has to earn money somehow/ (Arc V Band AU) Yuuya listens to something on a whim/ (Gaim Supernatural AU) You should date him, Kouta/ (Gaim Supernatural AU) Takatora is too good/ (Arc V) Yuugo really hates Yuuto
Warning(s):  Bad jokes

Drabbles behind the cut! )
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Title:  Things you DIDN'T need to know
Rating:  T for Teen
Characters:  Hiiragi Yuzu, Koutsu Masumi, Sakaki Yuuya, Sawatari Shingo
Summary:  He's like my pure, innocent little brother, like, he shouldn't be doing these things I shouldn't know he's doing these things!  AKA Yuzu might actually be the brocon
Warning(s):  Bad Jokes, maybe I should change this journal to bad jokes and monster boys


Akaba Reiji has some weird turn ons tho just saying )
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Title:  Orange Juicing
Rating:  T for Teen
Characters:  Kumon Kaito, Kazuraba Kouta
Summary:  Kaito doesn't even know why he bother anymore.  Not monster boys.
Warning(s):  Misuse of fruit

Is this humanly possible though? )
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Title:  What Animal?
Rating:  G
Fandom:  Ressha Sentai ToQger
Characters:  Suzuki Right, Nonomura Hikari
Summary:  Right questions what type of animal he would be if he ever was an animal person like Hikari.  Hikari...waffles about much to Right's annoyance.
Warning(s):  Xenophilia, Crocodile!Hikari

Hikari, stretch your imagination some!! )
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Title: Tentacle Kisses
Rating: G
Fandom:  Kuroko no Basket
Characters:  Kiyoshi Teppei, Kuroko Tetsuya, Kagami Taiga, Himuro Tatsuya
Summary:  Kuroko finds a tentacle monster under the bed.  The best course of actions is to, obviously, date it.  Inspired my friend Sea's SUPER RAD ART of tentacle monster KiyoKuro!
Warning(s):  Tentacles, Xenophilia

Tentacles make good boyfriends )
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Title:  Scales and Trains
Rating: M
Fandom:  Ressha Sentai ToQger
Characters:  Suzuki Right, Nonomura Hikari
Summary:  When you have a crocodile boyfriend and you both are ready to go to the next stage it takes some maneuvering and figuring out of boundaries. Baby steps, baby steps.
Warning(s):  Xenophilia, Crocodile!Hikari, y e a h

Crocodile Boyfriends have the best hands ya know )


Nov. 12th, 2014 04:01 pm
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 Hello, all!  You have stumbled across duckiesandlemons' writing journal!  Here is where I post a lot of my fic or original writing that just...doesn't make it onto my writing blog or AO3.  A lot of it is tokusatsu, a lot of it is a hundred percent me having some silly fun.  So enjoy!  There's...also a lot of nsfw, as a heads up.

Here is how I set up my story headers, so that you know what you're getting into.

In the Subject Line will just be [Show/Series if applicable + Title].  The body, at the beginning, will be:



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